happy easter! (yesterday)


Watch this!

Cohen's First Food from Brandan Fisher on Vimeo.


A monkey

Cohen was a monkey for his first Halloween. My favorite part of the costume is the little banana sticking out of the side. He was a good sport about the costume and enjoyed showing it off to Great Grandpa Les, Grandma Hawkley, and Grandma and Grandpa Fisher.


An Update of Sorts (you can thank Erin for her encouraging me to do this- haha!)

Haven't posted in over a year, which is really too bad because the last year has been very eventful. As you can see, we had a baby. This is Cohen. I am not planning on doing too many catch up posts, because let's be honest, it just wouldn't happen. So here's 10 pictures of him at varying times in his life thus far. But first, some answers to FAQ's you might be wondering. He was born on July 16 at 4:14 pm weighing in at a healthy 7 lb 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. We are absolutely in love with him. He has changed our lives in every way possible and we couldn't be happier, truly. He is almost 4 months old now and his smiling, babbling, laughing, rolling over, sleeping well at night, chewing on this fingers, and packing on the pounds. Why are you still reading this? Look at the pictures! Oh yeah, and sorry no hospital pics...I don't know where those are right now. Our file maintenance is a little disorganized at the moment.

Me and Cohen. He's about 1 1/2 months old in this pic. He's so scrawny in this pic!
Hanging out in his Sunday Best. The onesie is actually what he wore on his blessing day. Can you believe we didn't get a family pic on that day? I will forever kick myself over that one.
Playtime, but mostly just looking cute time.
A BSU fan and his daddy, ready for the game. Go Broncos! And getting chubbier. Love those cheeks.
Bored. What should we do mom?
Yay! Daddy! What's up bro?
This kid is a daddy's boy through and through. They are so cute together, I can hardly stand it and I am so lucky to be able to see them together every day. He lights up whenever daddy is around. I'm a little jeal' but Cohen's got a soft spot for me too so I can't complain too much.
I love this picture. Why? Who knows, just do.
Sleepy time in the bouncer.
I just took this pic and the next one the other day. He's hangin out in his new exersaucer in this one. So cute, right?
So that does it for this post. Stay tuned.


Pacific Nomadic - Fighter (Music Video)

Just finished editing this video. I shot this with my new camera. Canon 5D Mark II.

Pacific Nomadic - Fighter (Official Music Video) HD from Brandan Fisher on Vimeo.


i48 2010

i48 2010 - In Sleep from Brandan Fisher on Vimeo.

Learned a lot this year. There are a lot of areas I wish I could of fixed but this is what I got done in 48 hours. Genre was Sci-Fi I have never done one before. Character was Casper Marshall who is an Attorney. Prop was the Angel Statue. Line to use was "Its not like they are going to arrest you."



here's what we've been up to lately in no particular order
-saw the spill canvas in concert a couple weeks ago. it was awesome.
-watching reruns of the black donnellys
-shot an infomercial
-remodeling the basement
-finishing the garage out (mud, texture, paint)
-went to seattle in january
-went to salt lake in april to visit mom
-brandan has been to boston, salinas, san fran, chicago, boston again, chicago again, boston again...chicago again in a couple weeks...i'm probably forgetting some other places. it's all a blur now. i think memphis is in there somewhere too, but that might have been last year. anyways, he travels a lot for work.
-brandan turned 28
-janette turned 25
-we ordered ipads. mine is coming in the mail this week. brandan is getting his in boston. i told my coworkers i was getting one and they called me a hipster. and they told me i dress like a grandma sometimes.
-time for new clothes.
there, that should do it until the next update...anything else?